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I saw this fun & amazing idea on Facebook via ashleyspaulding.com

   So we decided to also
celebrate 25 days of Christmas this year and incorporate it into our Advent Calendar wall display.  With the help of her and her Facebook group I came up with these activities for our family.  I had some fun creating this cute calendar to type all of it into.  I can't wait to document it and share photos on my photography page

If you want to participate and would like to use it for your own calendar then check out the download below to get your copy. 

File Size: 261 kb
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This is a collection of photography blogging board templates for your blog.  They are set at the original full size aspect ratio of 3:2, so you do not have to crop your photos.

I searched all over google and all over Etsy and never found anything that was exactly what I wanted.  There are some really cute blogging templates on Etsy but the only ones I liked were using cropped aspect ratios.  So I would have to crop my photos to get them to fit.  We're not printing here just posting online so there was no need to have to crop my photos. 

The first download is shown above, it is a 3500x3500 PSD file.  It is fully customizable.  You will need to re-size it for web to your specific standards.  There are clipping masks for 2 portrait photos and 2 landscape photos with a block in the center.  You can add your logo to the center and change the background color if needed.   I have included layers for gray, black & white.  You could even add a small photo to the center. 

File Size: 88657 kb
File Type: psd
Download File

File Size: 255709 kb
File Type: psd
Download File

This template holds 2 landscape photos and 1 portrait photo.  It is sized at 7265 on the longest edge for you to re-size for web at your preference.

File Size: 118385 kb
File Type: psd
Download File

This template holds 2 portrait photos side by side.  The longest edge is 5130 for you to re-size for web at your preference.

File Size: 118347 kb
File Type: psd
Download File

This template holds 2 landscape photos side by side.  The longest edge is 5130 for you to re-size for web at your preference.

File Size: 176509 kb
File Type: psd
Download File

This template holds 3 portrait photos side by side.  The longest edge is 7650 for you to re-size for web at your preference.

I wanted to share these downloads in case anyone else was looking for something similar.  I'd love to see your post if you use it.  Feel free to put a link to your blog post in the comments below showing the template in use.

These were created in Photoshop CS5 and have not been tested in any other versions.

To Use:

Open this file in Photoshop.  Open the photos you want to use.  Go to the first picture you want to you and click Ctrl A to select it then click Ctrl C to copy it.  Go back to the template and click on the layer above the space you want to place the photo.  The layer will say something like left photo here.  Click on that layer.  Click Ctrl V to past the photo into that layer.  Use your move tool to move the photo in place.  Make sure "snap" is turned on to easily place the photo into the area.  If you need to adjust the size of the photo use "Ctrl T"  and hold down the shift key to re-size as needed.

Instant Download high quality web and print size jpeg files now for sale in the etsy shop. 

Use these files to promote items on your website or for print.  Each purchase gives you 2 files, a web size 800px square file and a Full Size 3000px square print file. 

These images are for use on your website and for print. Watermark is not included on the purchased files.

Sales & Licensing policy:

* Due to the digital nature of our products, we will not be able to facilitate any exchanges or refunds. So please double check the content in your shopping cart prior to purchasing.

* You cannot resell any of our products due to legal and creative copyrights.

* fernadele retains full legal ownership of the photograph and the fee you pay is just the right to use the design.

This is a digital download and your files will be available from Etsy after your purchase. Please ask any and all questions prior to purchasing, all sales are final.

Check them out here:  Digital Downloads - Etsy


We are so excited to offer our newest line of face wash in our etsy shop.  Soon to be posted on our website.  There are 5 new versions each specifically formulated for each skin types.  Cleanse your skin with the luxury of all natural ingredients.  This face wash offers you an all natural soap based cleanser that is gentle and mild.  All products are free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, colorants, sulfates or preservatives.  This cleanser is very concentrated and all it takes is 1 pump to wash your entire face.

Our 4oz cleansing cream face wash is packaged in a cobalt blue glass bottle with lotion pump. This blend is made to order and will take 2-3 days to ship out.

We have listed our line of bliss, lush & lavish face wash and also a cleansing nectar.  Our unscented herbal version will be posted a little later.

You can find them listed here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/fernadele?section_id=12386617

Our Bamboo washcloths are amazing to use with our cleansers.


Lather 1 pump of cleansing face wash in your palms with wet hands.  Massage over your face, cleansing it, while avoiding your eyes.  Rinse with a warm cloth or warm running water.  Follow up with you favorite balancing toner and face oil to complete the experience.  

When using a soap based cleanser it is important to follow up with a toner.  We would love to offer our toner in the future but until then you can use a floral hydrolat spray such as rose water.

We can't wait for you to try our new face wash.  Here are some comments from a few of our testers:

"I really like this cleanser. The texture and consistency are nice and though it doesn't really foam, that doesn't bother me at all. I feel like it cleanses well. We have extremely soft water and this cleanser works great with it. I don't feel like it is drying on the skin at all. After I wash and dry, I feel like my skin is clean and refreshed."

" I love how my face felt and looked after using it."

"It smells awesome, leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight, helps with dry spots on my face and does not irritate my skin at all."

"Did great at removing my makeup and my skin felt clean"

"I really like the facial cleanser. It really gets my skin clean and doesn't feel like any residue is left. It does a great job of removing oily residue off my face at the end of the day. "

"It smelled wonderful, felt good on my face and lathered very well."

"I really liked the cleanser. I liked the way it made my skin feel clean, but not dried out."

Chamomile has Invigorating, rejuvenating and relaxing qualities. It is well known for its calming aroma and its anti-inflammatory, skin soothing properties.   It is most recognized for its ability to heal wounds and abrasions and also provides anti-oxidation.

This Tuesday Treatment at home series will focus on eye care.  The eye area is usually the first place a woman will notice the signs of aging.  During the late thirties and early forties fine lines may begin to appear and under eye puffiness may start to become a regular occurrence.  There are other factors that may cause eyes to swell and become puffy.  This includes seasonal allergies, food sensitivities or maybe a late night out on the town.

I love to use chamomile in many of the products I make for skin care.  I typically use it my sensitive skin care line because I love how calming it is to skin.  We have chosen to use chamomile in this treatment because it has such great anti-inflammatory properties.  These anti-inflammatory properties can help calm swollen tissue that can lead to puffy eyes. 

Here is how to create a calming chamomile compress:

>2 chamomile tea bags (can be purchased at your local grocer)
>small bowl or mug
>1/4 cup water

>Place 2 chamomile tea bags in a small bowl or mug and pour a 1/4 cup of boiling water over top. 
>Cover your bowl with a towel to keep the steam in. 
>Let it cool and then place your bowl or mug in the refrigerator. 
>When ready, squeeze the excess fluid out of the tea bags and place them over your eyes.

For additional comfort use an eye pillow with a washable cover (or cover in plastic wrap to prevent stains).  Place the eye pillow over the tea bags that are on your eyes to relax the entire eye area. 

Thanks for visiting our blog, we hope you enjoy your eye compress as much as we do!

You can also purchase loose organic chamomile in our Etsy shop

This is my second year using a home management notebook.  I never really completed my first one.  This year I am definitely putting it to work.  I can't wait to share photos of my system.  For now I want to share an updated version of my daily planner log.  I found the last one I made wasn't working as well as I thought it would.  I found I was just writing the same thing in it everyday.  So I decided to totally rework the whole bottom section.

I've discovered it really helps me to plan out my day by the hour.  Not that I follow it exactly but it's a great starting out point for me.  So on the bottom left there is a timeline from 7a-9p that I can write in what I want to accomplish that day.

I also reworked the bottom right section.  Areas such as the food log I was never using.  I log all my food in on my phone using the Lose It app.  What I was writing a lot of in that area was my daily home keeping and routine schedules.  I have a chart that breaks down the cleaning I need to do in my house on a regular basis.  It's split up over 5 days M-F, it includes everyday routines, weekly & monthly chores.  On the bottom of the log, the everyday routines, I pre-typed into the log.  These are listed under either am or pm routines with space to write in more.  The section between those, homekeeping, will list which daily chore I am doing that day based on my chart.  I will share that chore list chart with you in the next post a little later.  It has helped me tremendously in keeping a well run home. 

I recently found this pin and I couldn't agree more with what it has listed.  10 habits for a well run home.  Check it out: http://pinterest.com/pin/231653974554934134/

This download will print 2 logs on one page.  To help not waste too much paper I print it on both sides.  I also print in gray scale and with a fast quality to reduce the ink usage.  I recently read about this eco-friendly ink toner that I will be trying out soon: http://www.inkpal.com/go-green-with-inkpal-com.html

As I said last time, this log is based on the daily docket at simplemom.net.  I just edited it to suit my needs better.  I want to share it here in case it can help someone else out, like it has myself.  Happy planning to you all!

Check out the links below to download.  I hope you enjoy it! 

*When you go to print be sure that it is printing in landscape mode, or you can choose auto rotate.  Also save some ink and choose fast print quality in your printer settings.  links last updated 1/24/13.

The first download is a blank version of this form, without the pre-filled am/pm routines.
File Size: 134 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

This second download has a few pre-filled am/pm routines as shown in the photo above.
File Size: 163 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

I recently updated my craft/sewing corner.  I have a few pins on pinterest that gave me some inspiration for my mini dream craft studio.  And so I give you pinspiration!  Check out my awesome workspace.  Its still needs a few fixes here and there, and that top right shelf need some work but It has improved leaps and bounds.  All the hardware I purchased on my recent trip to Ikea.  I used to live near multiple Ikea stores but now I have to travel 4 hours to go shopping there.  So I planned this trip for months and found almost everything I had hoped to use in my "studio"

I now bring you my happy place:

The work table itself is a standing work station.  On either side are 3 shelf book cases I purchased at Target.  On top is a wood board, screwed on from underneath.  The right side shelves face inwards and the left side shelves face out.  I stash most of my fabric in that area.

As you can see in those jars on the table, I started working on my facial masks and some bath tea.  I've already used some myself and its amazing!  I can't wait to debut it at my next local market!

Here is where you can find the hardware I used on the wall:

The hangingwire system is Dignitet (curtain section)

I use this to hang any patterns I'm sewing or any skin care formulas I'm working on, and even the little notes I jot down.

Rod and Metal Buckets

I have my tools in here, from left to right:
-Glue sticks, threaders, pliers
-Hole punches, bone folder, tweezers
-Pens & Markers
-Scissors & Rotary cutters


These are screwed into the studs so they can hold a good amount of weight.  Right now I'm just showing off some cool jars I got at Ikea with notions inside.  Little spice jars to hold safety pin, sewing needles & buttons.  My wooly nylon that doesn't fit on the thread rack.  There is a little container of sewing machine parts.  Up top is where I need some work, currently it has bins of sewing tags, foe hair ties & random papers I couldn't figure out where to put.  A big spool of white foe waiting to be tie dyed, my iron & some extra spools of thread.

Random jars

I love love love these jars.  I bought some a few year ago an really loved the design of them.  The short jars are my favorite right now!

And The paint color!!  It is "Sea Wave" by Valspar @ Lowe's

I bough it on a whim and it is perfect!  It makes me so happy to walk in the room and see it on the wall!
Now go on a pin it!  I'm going to add is to my craft room inspiration board, you should too :)

I have been working on a home management notebook for quite a while now.  I have found so much helpful information and downloads all over the internet.  I first heard about a home notebook while reading the simple mom blog.  She offers awesome downloads for free on her site.  I decided to combine her daily docket with another daily planner I liked and create my own personalized daily planner.

I have the same idea for a top 3 list she uses in her method, where I choose my most important tasks that must be completed that day.  I include a section for what I'm making for dinner that night followed by a checklist to mark off my water intake, food log and what I did for exercise that day.

I included a section for my project 52 / simplify.  I downloaded the project 52 book simple mom has for sale on her website.  Its a collection of posts that are on her blog compiled into a printable book.  Each week I write down the goal that I choose from project 52 and I work on that goal all week.  Below that I have a section for any work I need to do on my own website and what work I need to do for the farmers market or my shop.

On the bottom section of the planner I have lists that I make and check off depending on what I need to do that day, my daily routines, daily chores, appointment or errands and a list of my food intake that day.  I made myself a daily chore list, dividing all the housework up into 1 week.  I find that day on my weekly chore list and enter it into my daily chore log.

There is also a small section on the bottom for any notes I need to jot down.  I combined this form to fit 2 on a page and then I print it front and back.  I hate to waste paper but this way I get 4 days out of 1 sheet of paper. 

Check out my daily planner below to download.  I hope you enjoy it! 

*When you go to print be sure that it is printing in landscape mode, or you can choose auto rotate.  Also save some ink and choose fast print quality in your printer settings.

File Size: 1230 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Welcome to my blog.  I started blogging over 6 years ago over @ moosieknits.  It all started with some yarn and two knitting needles and has evolved into a variety of fun projects. 

I am currently working on this new website and I will be posting here with product photos and information instead of the old blogspot site.  If you would like to view the old blog you can do so @ www.fernadele.blogspot.com.

I'm excited to start posting over here and I can't wait to share all my fun crafting endeavours.  Thanks for supporting my crafty addictions!